Out of the Box at We Work

After seeing many advertisements for the new co-working space We Work in Frankfurt, I was eager to see it with my own eyes when I heard it would serve as the location for the first "Out of Box Workshop": a day for Social Impact Lab Start Ups and JPMorgan experts to collaborate and work through the current and individual challenges each Start Up is facing. A day of brainstorming, critical thinking, creative problems solving, mini pitches and many many post-its! 

It was also an honour to meet Peter Scher, the head of Corporate Responsibility and chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Region at JPMorgan. Him and his lovely team had just arrived fresh off the plane from the States to spend the day listening to the challenges of and encouraging the hard work of the teams. 

Also showcased, Code Door, a successful young Start Up equipping young adults and refugees with the know how and connections they need to code and web-design.

Check out more of these awesome teams at Social Impact Lab .

Abbi Wensyel