Michell Entrepreneur & Vision Coach

Michell is a good friend of mine here in Frankfurt and a brilliant business coach! He helped me in the Spring of 2017 to find out what the heart behind my business is. Through several meetings of meditation, hard questions, gut-feeling answers and goal setting, he helped me to realize that I love celebrating people and empowering them to live their life to the fullest! A great way for me to do that in Frankfurt is to work closely with other entrepreneurs and business owners to equip them with brilliant and honest photography so that the can truly live their dream! I’m so thankful for the work Michell did with me and would recommend it to any one ... entrepreneur, student, business person or anyone looking for a revived outlook on their work and life!

If you’re ready to follow your heart but don’t know just exactly where it could take you or how to get there… set a date with Michell, Frankfurt’s best Vision Coach.