Social Impact Lab is where it all started for me here in Frankfurt. The Social Impact Lab is a national incubator and co-working space with a focus on social impact and is basically a hub for people who want to make the world a better place! As a young immigrant who wanted to start my own business, they accepted me into their Chancen Nutzer Program in the fall of 2015. I was the 100th person to join the program and for 8 months I received free co-working space and coaching; I could participate in a variety of workshops as well as book private consultations with business professionals; and the best of all I could be apart of community that believed in and supported each other!
I am currently in the Lab as a Co-worker and love the unique atmosphere of hard working people, positive vibes, and often great food! If you don't know the lab, check out their website! If you're already a Labster, let me know to receive a special Lab Discount! 

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Viktoria Martini cares for your beauty in and out!
Viktoria is skilled in beauty and relaxation and offers natural makeup and hair styling as well as massage! 
... a perfect pairing for a photographer no?!

Viktoria and I are currently designing a new Collaboration ... Before & After .. head over to the shop to sign up for more details and be the first to know!

Upgrade your AW Photoshoot with a Hair & Makeup Styling from Viktoria and you'll enhance your natural look and feel more confident and gorgeous! 

Overwhelmed with the stress of growing and running a business, or maybe need a moment to treat yourself as a mama, papa, or busy busy bride or groom? Invest in yourself and book a massage with Viktoria! You won't regret it!

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Die Kunst Liebe is a young, local business created by Fränzi.
Fränzi specializes in hand-lettering, brush-lettering and calligraphy. A prime example being my logo! 
She's the right place to turn to if you're looking for that extra personal touch! Needing a new logo for your business? Want a new look for your marketing? Want to send some extra appreciation to special clients, loyal customers or an important business partner? 

Maybe you need something for your life endeavor?! Let her design a special look for your wedding stationary: save the dates, programs, menus, seating charts and more! She designs the personalized New Baby cards with weight, date, name and size (available upgrade for the "Happy Baby" in the Shop). She'll create an extraordinary invite for your next event! 

Maybe you're thinking, I love lettering and would love learn how to do it myself! You can sign up for her next workshop!!
If you're a business, you can also book an individual workshop for your team, employees or business partners! It's a unique way to treat them with a relaxing, creative and fun experience!

Follow Fränzi on Instagram to see her work, get inspired, and see when her next workshop is @diekunstliebe


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Shirien Music is the best treat you could book for your next event OR is the perfect way to treat your loyal customers to something special!

Do you have a local Shop, Resturant, Café or Bar? Book Shirien for a night of live music!
Your guests / customers / clientel will thank you for it!

Book Shirien for your upcoming Business Endeavor OR Life Endeavor Event. She'll set the perfect atmosphere for a charming and soulful time.
Organizing a V.I.P. event, exclusive fashion show, private tasting or a big Launch Party? 
Planning an anniversary celebration, birthday party or big get-together?
Setting the details for your wedding?!

Follow Shirien on Instagram to hear her music and see where she is singing next @shirienmusic



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Michell Coaching

Michell is a unique kind of business coach in Frankfurt... he's a vision coach!

He works with you to explore who you are, to find what the vision of your heart is and to set timely goals to achieve this vision.

Through sessions of meditation and motion, guided questions and meaningful discoveries,
led by a heartfelt and vision-driven coach, you'll come to the end with a better understanding of yourself and
what you were made for! 

If you’re ready to follow your heart but don’t know just exactly where it could take you or how to get there…
book a coaching session with Michell, Frankfurt’s best Vision Coach. 



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Orientierung Paar- und Familien Coaching. The human behind this amazing local business is Miri Heinz. 

Miri has been working with individuals, couples and families in Frankfurt since 2014.

Are you newly engaged and looking for someone to do premarital counseling with as you prepare your marriage as well as your wedding? 

Looking for some fun yet insightful team-building? Have a conflict or challenge that needs worked through?
Miri also offers group coaching!

Did you just finish coaching with Miri? Let's set a date for new portrait session to capture the liberated and confident new you! Or maybe to capture the newly kindled love and harmony in your relationship or family!

As I always say, "behind every endeavor is a human, behind every human is a heart, within every heart is a story". Are you super dedicated to growing your business but see your stress levels overwhelming your personal health, family or other relationships? Take some time to invest in you! Book a coaching session with Miri and find your orientation again!



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Ohrwurm is a Frankfurt initiative bringing together local musicians with local bars and cafés!

Free Concerts introducing music lovers to local talent in local places!

If you follow Ohrwurm you're sure to enjoy some pretty awesome music in incredible local locations and meet amazing new people! 

Are you a singer, musician or band interested in performing? Contact the Ohrwurm Team to talk details and set a date!  

Do you own a local bar, Resturant, café or other shop and want to host a concert? Contact the Ohrwurm Team to talk details and set a date!

Like Ohrwurm on Facebook to see when and where the next Concert is!



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